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Allie And Cameron by FireLily PG 13+
Allie is a vampire. Cameron is a human. They are in love. But Allie flees the...
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Grip by inugirl504 PG 13+
An English dubbed version of Inuyasha opening 4, Grip


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New Genre/Tags

Hi all,

I am very shortly going to add up some new Genre/Tags to the site, which I have been steadily adding to Destiny's Gateway.  It'll just give your readers some more idea of the content of your novels, short stories, so they know what they're in store for. :)  Like Bondage, or Non-Con, or First Time, or First Kiss.  That sort of thing.

If you have any ideas for this site, and how the heck to get more people over here, please let me know.  We need a lot more stories/poems/songs up here, for people to enjoy.  All copyright laws have been covered in the site submission and rules, so no one can steal your stuff.  A lot was used from FictionPress (Fanfiction/net's original stories site), so you know it's iron-clad.  LOL

On a more personal note, I'm going to getting up a revision of my original vampire novel A Dark Longing very soon.  I have big ideas for that trilogy.  Unfortunately my chronic severe migraines have been hindering my creative need to write incessantly.  ><  I'm sort of over it, but not...

--Princess Destiny on 03 Dec 2013 12:15 AM
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